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Disability Inclusion Fund

About the Disability Inclusion Fund

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The Disability Inclusion Fund (DIF), housed at Borealis Philanthropy, supports U.S.-based groups run by and for people with disabilities to lead transformational change. The Fund is supported by donors including the Presidents’ Council of the Disability & Philanthropy Forum, which is comprised of foundation presidents who are committed to disability inclusion as part of improving diversity, equity, and inclusion within philanthropy.

The Disability Inclusion Fund utilizes a participatory grantmaking process. All grantees will be selected by a grantmaking committee of disability advocates and funders from the Presidents’ Council.

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All funding will be aligned with the Disability Inclusion Fund’s guiding values:

  • Participation: Movement funding is accountable to the disability justice movement. Those most impacted by injustice/exclusion should be involved in strategies to advance justice/inclusion.
  • Intersectionality: Acknowledging that disabled people have multiple and intersecting social and political identities that can influence their access and inclusion including race, gender identity, class, and sexual orientation.
  • Radical inclusion: Deeply committed to removing barriers and ensuring access so that those most affected by intersecting identities can participate, valuing lived experience.
  • Leadership of those most impacted: Emphasis is given to organizations led by disabled people of color, queer, gender nonconforming and women with disabilities.
  • Cross-movement solidarity: Intentional focus on collaboration and bridge-building amongst disability justice activists and across movements

If you are interested in contributing to the fund, please reach out to the Disability Inclusion Fund’s Program Director, Sandy Ho:

Click here to learn more about the Disability Inclusion Fund team.

About Borealis Philanthropy

Borealis Philanthropy is a philanthropic social justice intermediary that works to resource grassroots leaders and social justice movements for transformative change. We help funders expand their reach and strengthen their impact through donor collaboratives that support a variety of issues, communities, and movements. Borealis is home to nine donor collaboratives, including the Disability Inclusion Fund.