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Celebrating Disability Across Philanthropy

About Celebrating Disability Across Philanthropy (CDAP)

Much like an employee resource group, Celebrating Disability Across Philanthropy (CDAP) aims to foster a safe space for shared learning, engagement, and support among colleagues in philanthropy. Collective insights from CDAP members will help shape and inform the work of the Disability & Philanthropy Forum to promote meaningful action toward disability inclusion across the philanthropic sector.

CDAP Membership

Who is eligible to join CDAP?

Employees and consultants of grantmaking and philanthropy-serving organizations who self-identify as disabled or chronically ill, and/or who seek to champion disability inclusion in the philanthropic sector are welcome to join CDAP. It is open to Disability & Philanthropy Forum members only. Click here to sign up for a free Forum membership.

Can people in executive leadership roles join CDAP?

No. At this time, CDAP membership is open only to employees who are not at the CEO, President, Executive Director, or equivalent executive leadership level. This applies to philanthropists who lead their own Donor Advised Funds as well as executive leadership of all foundations and other grantmakers, even if their staff is small. Emily Harris, the Executive Director of the Disability & Philanthropy Forum, participates as CDAP’s Executive Sponsor.

If you are in an executive leadership position at a foundation or philanthropy-serving organization and interested in engaging with fellow leadership, please contact us to discuss other opportunities for affinity group conversations. 

Can nonprofit employees join CDAP?

No. However, we appreciate your interest in engaging with the philanthropic community, so if you do work in a field other than philanthropy, we encourage you to stay connected by subscribing to the Disability & Philanthropy Forum’s public newsletter.

What are the benefits of being a CDAP member?

CDAP members are invited to join quarterly one-and-a-half hour community meetings via Zoom to connect with colleagues. Each meeting will be centered on a key topic and will include opportunities for group discussion. Members are encouraged to propose ideas for meeting topics and are welcomed to be part of facilitating dialogue on that topic.

If safe to do so, a hybrid in-person/virtual CDAP gathering may be considered.

CDAP members also have the opportunity to be part of a LinkedIn group to share resources and best practices, request guidance, and disseminate job postings and RFPs.

CDAP Leadership

Current CDAP Co-Chairs include:

  • Aida Akim-Escriva, Global Fund for Women
  • Jane Paccione, San Antonio Area Foundation

Sarah Napoli, the Disability & Philanthropy Forum’s Director of Learning Services, provides support on behalf of the Forum.

CDAP Community Agreements

To ensure that CDAP remains a safe, respectful group for all, we ask that members please adhere to our community agreements when participating in meetings and engaging in the LinkedIn group.

  • Meeting Introductions: When introducing yourself to the group, please let us know if your access needs are met.
  • Confidentiality: Stories stay and lessons leave. Please do not share anyone’s comments or questions, or screenshots of anything said during CDAP meetings outside of this group, including on social media, unless you are given explicit permission.
  • “I” Statements: Speak from personal experience.
  • Questions Are Welcome: Remember, we are all on a learning journey. It’s important to ask questions, but be sure to do so respectfully.
  • Respect Pronouns and Identities: Be mindful and intentional when addressing people or talking about people. If you make a mistake, apologize and correct it moving forward.
  • Intent Versus Impact: Understand that your comments may impact someone differently than they were intended. If you say something that causes harm or hurt to another person, it’s important to address it.
  • Speak Up, Move Back: We value participation, and want to make sure everyone has a chance to respond. Take care to invite others in and make space for all perspectives to be part of the conversation.
  • No fundraising or solicitations: This is a community to support each other individually and as a group. Both during meetings and in the LinkedIn group, we welcome requests for mentorship or guidance, dissemination of job postings and resources, and RFPs for grantmaking or consulting, but direct requests for financial support or consulting work are not permitted.
  • Grounds for removal: The CDAP leadership team prioritizes the safety of all participants. We reserve the right to remove someone from a meeting or from the LinkedIn group if that person is creating a harmful situation or unsafe space.

Please contact with any questions.

Stay Connected

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