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Members-Only Webinar – Disability and Representation in the Workplace

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There are more than 61 million adults with disabilities in the United States. Yet, only 21.3% of people with disabilities are employed–a stark contrast to the 65.4% of people without disabilities who are employed. Within the philanthropic sector specifically, CHANGE Philanthropy’s 2022 Diversity Among Philanthropic Professionals Report found that people with disabilities working in the field increased from 6.3% in 2018 to 23.1% in 2022.

To continue this growth, we must create a culture of inclusiveness and belonging in our workplaces. How can we prioritize recruiting disabled talent and ensure everyone has the tools they need to thrive?

This members-only conversation covered topics including:

About the Panelists

Sarah Napoli, a white woman with dark blonde hair flowing behind her, smiling, wearing a black shirt.

Moderator: Sarah Napoli, Learning Services Director, Disability & Philanthropy Forum

Sarah Napoli is the learning services director at the Disability & Philanthropy Forum. From 2019-2023, she acted as the lead disability inclusion project officer within the people and culture Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity team at Open Society foundations. She has over 20 years of experience teaching and conducting training on social justice and advocacy. She holds two MA degrees in social justice in intercultural relations and applied human rights. She identifies as a proud disabled person and enjoys chatting about Geek culture and her former life as a hip hop researcher and dancer. She has conducted workshops and training all over the USA and around the globe.

Headshot of Kevin Irvine, wearing a green plaid tie, gray blazer, and ID badge, against a beige interior background.

Panelist: Kevin Irvine, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Individuals with Disabilities, RUSH University Medical Center

Kevin Irvine (he/him) works at RUSH University Medical Center in Chicago as its Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Individuals with Disabilities, where he developed and implemented RUSH’s strategy to recruit disabled job seekers and leads disability inclusion initiatives to make Rush an inclusive and accessible place for its patients, visitors, employees, faculty and students. Kevin co-chairs RUSH’s ADA Task Force and facilitates its Disabilities Employee Resource Group. In 2022, Kevin completed 10 years of service on the Board of Directors for the Chicago Transit Authority. Kevin is also a Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow (2006), a Disability Lead member, and a graduate of Purchase College, State University of New York. Kevin has lived experience with disabilities (HIV, Hemophilia B).

This headshot portrays an Asian woman with short hair, wearing a purple vest, a warm smile, and accessorized with an amber necklace and earrings.

Panelist: Aida Akim-Escriva, Program Officer for Adolescent Girls Rights, Global Fund for Women

Aida Akim-Escriva is a grants professional, feminist, and artist originally from Central Asia with a diverse background that includes experience in philanthropy, education, art, and politics. Aida’s expertise is in feminist grantmaking and strategic philanthropy, specializing in adolescent girls’ rights, gender justice, disability justice, and participatory grantmaking. At Global Fund for Women, she manages a global portfolio of grants focused on advancing gender justice and fostering more equitable and just societies. Aida focuses on building collective well-being, joy, and solidarity through integrating art, nature, mindfulness, and contemplative methods to center herself and willing participants to experience joy and peace in any work.