Webinar: How Ableism Shows Up in Philanthropy

April 12, 2022
12:30 – 1:30 PM ET

We exist in a society that devalues disabled people by perpetuating the false notion that only certain bodies and minds are worthy. This is known as ableism, a pervasive form of discrimination based on stigmas and stereotypes toward disability. Structural forms of marginalization, including racism and gender bias, significantly exacerbate the prejudice that people with disabilities experience. Yet, philanthropy too often continues to leave ableism out of the conversation when we talk about addressing social injustices. 

It’s clear that if the philanthropic sector is to advance social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, then it must not only recognize that disability is a key element in its work, but also acknowledge that ableism is a core barrier to it. In this webinar, we will explore how ableism manifests throughout our society and within the philanthropic sector. We will also address anti-ableist principles and practices that we can learn from leaders in the disability community.

Join Doris Duke Charitable Foundation President and CEO Sam Gill in an open, honest dialogue with disability advocates. Prior to the webinar, we encourage you to read the following article: Time for Philanthropy to Confront Ableism by Jen Bokoff, Director of Development at the Disability Rights Fund, and Sandy Ho, Director of the Disability Inclusion Fund at Borealis Philanthropy.

This CART will be provided. If you require another accommodation to fully participate in the webinar, please note it in your registration, or contact us at communications@disabilityphilanthropy.org or 407-917-6864. This free webinar is presented by the Disability & Philanthropy Forum.