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Demystifying Accessible Technology

Click here for a transcript of this webinar.

Technology–especially the internet–is central to so much of how we connect and engage across the globe. In so many ways, technology opens doors for the disability community to fully participate in society. And yet, for millions of disabled people, many of technology’s powerful doors too often remain closed due to inaccessibility. Philanthropy has a key role to play in shifting this paradigm, both by ensuring they use accessible technology to communicate internally and externally, and by funding initiatives that support accessible technology.

During this learning session, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from experts on disability and accessible technology about a range of topics, including:

About the Panelists

Photo of Gail taken outdoors. She is smiling into the camera and is wearing a red blazer with a black shirt and silver necklace. Her hair is in a short bob with bangs.

Moderator: Gail Fuller, Program and Communications Director, Disability & Philanthropy Forum

Gail Fuller is the program and communications director for the Disability & Philanthropy Forum. As a black woman with a non-apparent disability, Gail is committed to aligning her professional and personal experiences to engage the philanthropic sector in a collective learning journey about disability that moves toward a more equitable, inclusive future.

With more than 30 years of experience, Gail’s career has included serving as vice president of marketing and communications for the San Francisco Foundation and director of communications for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Click here to read Gail’s story “Black and Disabled: I Have Lived in the Shadows.”

Tolu is a Black woman with long, dark braids and large, black glasses and wearing a black sweater, t-shirt and jeans. She is smiling and standing in front of a white background decorated with white paper lanterns.

Tolu Adegbite, Product Designer and Developer, Meta

Tolu is a product designer and accessibility specialist with a background in front-end web development. She is currently working on inclusive design at Meta. She is passionate about using design as a tool for a more equitable society, and enjoys sharing her exploration of this (in the form of articles) online. She is also passionate about seeing the design industry become more diverse and representative of Black people, Indigenous peoples, people of colour and people with disabilities. Tolu is Based in Toronto, and outside of work, she enjoys tending to her plants, writing about inclusive design and spending time outside.

Headshot of Meryl, a white female with shoulder-length curly hair and a red-collared shirt.

Meryl Evans, Speaker and Accessibility Marketer

Meryl Evans, CPACC, is a professional speaker, trainer, author, and accessibility marketing consultant. She’s the co-organizer of A11yNYC and A11yVR Meetups on accessibility and virtual reality. She’s also a member of the XR Access and W3C Immersive Captions groups. Meryl is a highly regarded speaker on diversity, equity, and inclusion who focuses on people with disabilities and accessibility. She has spoken at many events including axe-con, ID24, AccessU, and TEDx. She’s a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC). Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn ( as she’s one of 12 people who are LinkedIn Top Voices for Disability Advocacy.