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Learning from Disability-Led Organizations

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“Nothing about us without us,” is a guiding principle of the disability rights movement and a central tenet of disability justice. Engaging with disabled leaders is crucial as foundations embark on their journeys to disability inclusion. Join us to learn from disability justice leader and researcher Sandy Ho, who completed a landscape analysis in 2020 for the Disability Inclusion Fund, managed by Borealis Philanthropy and seeded by the Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy, and Nikki Brown-Booker, Program Officer for the Disability Inclusion Fund. Sandy and Nikki will be in conversation with Noorain Khan, Director in the Presidents’ Office of the Ford Foundation, about the lessons learned from this landscape analysis, as well as how you can find, connect with, and learn from the disability community.

This free learning session was open to members of the Disability & Philanthropy Forum. It was the first of a four-part series designed to address key steps on the journey to disability inclusion, made possible by the Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy.

About the Speakers

Headshot of Noorain Khan

Noorain Khan, Director, Office of the President, Ford Foundation

Noorain Khan is director in the foundation’s Office of the President where she oversees grant making from the foundation’s Reserves Fund and leads cross-foundation strategic projects and initiatives that emerge from the president’s priorities.

Sandy Ho is an Asian American woman sitting in a power wheelchair. She has round glasses and is wearing a gray sweater over a blue striped collar shirt, and red checkered pants with maroon shoes. She is sitting in a field of grass.

Sandy Ho, Program Director, Disability Inclusion Fund, Borealis Philanthropy

Sandy Ho is the Program Director of the Disability Inclusion Fund. She is also the founder of the Disability & Intersectionality Summit. She is a disabled queer Asian American woman.

Photo of a Filipino/Black woman with short dark curly hair, wearing a knit red sweater, with a small part of the back of her wheelchair visible, in front of a background of leaves.

Nikki Brown Booker, Program Officer, Disability Inclusion Fund, Borealis Philanthropy

Nikki Brown Booker has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Prior to becoming the Program Officer for the Disability Inclusion Fund, she was the Executive Director for Easy Does It Emergency Services, a nonprofit that provides emergency services for people with disabilities and seniors in Berkeley. She has also been doing organizing work with Hand in Hand: the Domestic Employers Network and helped pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.