Topics: Your learning journey

Claudia Gordon works at her desk.

We all have a role to play in transforming the landscape of philanthropy to become more equitable and inclusive of disability, and this kind of progress doesn’t happen in a single step or because of a single person. It’s an ongoing journey we can all take together to bring about change within philanthropy as a whole. So, whether visiting this Forum is your very first step or your learning process is already in motion, you will find resources to further your education and guide your work. Wherever you are in your learning journey, keep going. And most importantly, remember to seek out, include, and center perspectives from the disability community every step of the way.

Disability History, Culture, and Community

Before embarking on the crucial work of expanding accessibility and disability inclusion in philanthropy, it’s important to ground your commitment in an understanding of the rich history and culture of the disability community. The resources within this topic area provide background information about disability, including definitions of key terms, overviews of landmark historical moments, and insight into perspectives and wisdom from disabled people.

Accessible Operations

Committing to disability inclusion means actively removing barriers to participation and engagement for the disability community. The resources within this topic area include practical, actionable information on how to prioritize and implement accessibility both for internal and external operations.

Inclusive Grantmaking

Invest in a more just, equitable world by learning how to intentionally and strategically invest in disability inclusion through grantmaking. The resources within this topic area address how to include disability in funding priorities and how to ensure your grantees are doing the same.