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An Ableist Society: How It Shows Up In Our Philanthropic Practices

America is an ableist society. By perpetuating stereotypes and practices, ableism devalues and discriminates against people with disabilities. It assumes that the bodies and minds of non-disabled people are the “default,” placing value on them based on society’s perceptions of what is considered “normal.” Yet, ableism is seldom in the conversation when we talk about philanthropy’s role in dismantling oppression.

This session from CHANGE Philanthropy’s 2021 Unity Summit was moderated by Gail Fuller, Program and Communications Director for the Disability & Philanthropy Forum and featured panelists including Adela Ruiz, Program and Grants Manager for the NBA Foundation; Jen Bokoff, Director of Development at the Disability Rights Fund; and Risa Rifkind, Director of Civic Engagement and Marketing at Disability Lead.