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Disability-Inclusive Employment

Satonya Fair: How Philanthropy Can Go Beyond Grants to Support Disabled Activism

Learn how funders can support disability rights activists before the grantmaking stage.

Mona Abhari: Why Disability Justice is Crucial for Labor Organizing

Learn about the systemic barriers facing disabled workers and why disabled leadership is necessary for labor movements.

Marisa Torelli-Pedevska: What Workplace Accommodations Actually Cost

Learn why workplace accommodations aren’t expensive - and how to make sure your workplace is meeting the needs of disabled workers.

Monica Lucas: How Workplace Ableism Harms Disabled Film Workers

Learn how workplace ableism excludes and harms disabled film workers.

Aida Akim-Escriva: How to Set Boundaries When Self-Disclosing A Disability in the Workplace

A reminder of the many forms that self-disclosing a disability can take.

Kevin Irvine: Why Self-Disclosing a Disability is Important

Learn how self-disclosing disability can create a more interconnected philanthropic sector.

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Member Workshop Series: Disability Justice and Systems Advocacy

Explore inclusion across the workplace by examining organizational systems and practices.

Member Workshop Series: Disability Inclusion Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Workshop

This introductory disability inclusion fundamentals workshop uses small and large group discussion, media, and interactive activities.

Catherine Hyde Townsend: 3 Ways Philanthropy Can Demonstrate Its Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Three concrete lessons on how to internally demonstrate your organization’s disability inclusion commitment.

Disability Equity Webinar Series: Disability-Inclusive Hiring

Learn how philanthropy can make its recruiting, onboarding, and retention practices disability-inclusive.

Disability Equity Webinar Series: Disability Justice and Labor Rights

Learn why the leadership of disabled workers is crucial for labor rights organizing.

Disability Inclusion: Required – Episode 7 – Shifting Toward a Disability-Inclusive Workplace Culture

A conversation with Luticha André Doucette, owner of Catalyst Consulting, about fostering inclusive, accessible, equitable workplaces.

Disability Inclusion: Required – Episode 5 – Incorporating Disability Into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work

A conversation on incorporating disability into diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work with Catarina Rivera, a dynamic disability public speaker and DEI consultant.

Rasheera Dopson: Why Diverse Disabled Leadership is Important

Learn how the presence of openly disabled leadership mobilizes other disabled people to become leaders.

Azeema Akram: How Self-Disclosure Creates a More Disability-Inclusive Work Culture

Discover how one person's self-disclosure can mobilize others toward a disability-inclusive culture.

Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Disability and Representation in the Workplace

How can we prioritize recruiting disabled talent and ensure everyone has the tools they need to thrive?

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Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Disability Education: Staff Training

An example of an introductory staff training on disability inclusion.

Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Disability and Leadership

Learn what is possible when philanthropic leadership centers disability and disabled people.

Disabled People Can Be Productive Workers, But That Shouldn’t Determine Our Worth

Author Alaina Lavoie explores the ableism of disabled people being valued or devalued based on their ability to work.

Supporting Mental Health in Philanthropy

Insights on incorporating a mental health focus within both internal operations and grantmaking practices.

Fostering Accessible In-Person and Remote Workplaces

As we navigate the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces are continuing to grapple with policies on returning to the office. For...

How Can We Foster Psychologically Safe Workplaces?

by Dr. Zakiya Mabery Many organizations want to foster a sense of psychological safety in the workplace - one that...

Journey to Inclusion Series: Disability in the Workplace: Human Resources and Employee Participation

Click here for a transcript of this webinar. Data shows that people with disabilities typically have low rates of employment...

Journey to Inclusion Series: Disability Participation: Demographic Tracking and Self-Identification

Click here for a transcript of this webinar. One in four American adults have some type of disability, but few...

Increasing Disability Inclusion by Tracking Participation

Disability is part of human diversity, some of the infinite threads woven through the fabric of our world. Across the...

The Importance of, and Strategies for, Encouraging Self-ID of Disability

by Kathy Martinez Recently, I was pleased to participate in a Disability and Philanthropy Forum webinar focused on demographic tracking...

Moving the Needle on Employing People with Disabilities: What to Know About Collecting Disability Data

by Chai Feldblum People with disabilities are disproportionately unemployed and underemployed in this country. The unemployment rate in 2020 for...

Shifting Toward Inclusion: Accessible Workplaces in a World Recovering from COVID-19

by Yomi S. Wrong October marks National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a time to highlight the immeasurable value people...

Anti-Black Racism and Ableism in the Workplace

by D'Arcee Neal When I went for a job interview in the summer of 2015 for a high-powered federal position,...

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What does self-disclosing a disability mean?

This blog post was written collectively by the Ford Foundation's Disability Employee Resource Group. While few Ford staff members have...

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Preliminary Disability Inclusion Commitments

Findings from this survey of the Presidents' Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy provide insight for each foundation as well as a potential baseline for future data collection about disability inclusion in philanthropy.

Disability Inclusion Toolkit

Commissioned by the Ford Foundation's Civic Engagement & Government program, the Disability Inclusion Toolkit is written and designed by disability community leaders...

What Funders Need to Know About Disability-Inclusive Grantmaking: People First Wisconsin

This interview is a Q&A with Cindy Bentley, Executive Director at People First Wisconsin. As the alarming impact of COVID-19...

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Open Society Foundations: Committing to Disability Inclusion

Open Society Foundations (OSF), a member of the Presidents' Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy and a signatory of the...

Four Ways We Can Work Towards Creating Inclusive Workspaces

By Sarah Napoli, Project Officer, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Open Society Foundations, July 2020 When the pandemic hit the globe...

Disability Inclusion & Philanthropy: Living Your Values

How can funders live their values and work toward disability inclusion? This video offers practical insight from disability advocates on...

Disability Inclusion in Employment

This list includes a line-up of robust free resources that employers and human resources (HR) professionals can visit for guidance...

The Americans with Disabilities Act: A Brief Background

Celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by learning about the history and intent of the...

Insights Into Inclusive Philanthropy – WITH Foundation

This interview with Ryan Easterly, Executive Director of the WITH Foundation, is part of a series about disability-inclusive grantmaking. The...

Insights Into Inclusive Philanthropy – Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

This interview with Myroslava Tataryn, disability rights program officer for the International Human Rights Program at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, is...

Resources on Disability & COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, philanthropy must further the commitment to ensure the disability community is not left behind.