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Health and Disability

Disability Inclusion: Required – Episode 12 – How Can Philanthropy Help Dismantle Healthcare Inequities?

A conversation with Dr. Bonnie Swenor, Endowed Professor of Disability Health and Justice at The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Director of the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center, about the many healthcare inequities that the disability community experiences due to ableism and inaccessibility

Masen Davis: Why HIV/AIDS is a Disability Justice Issue

Learn why the HIV/AIDS movement requires both LGBTQIA+ rights and disability justice lenses.

Gabriel San Emeterio: How Funders Can Support Long COVID Patient Organizing

Learn the many ways in which funding can critically shift the care and research landscape for Long COVID patients.

Dr. Zoie Sheets: Why Funders Need to Listen to Long COVID Patients

An urgent call for funders, healthcare providers, and organizers to follow the leadership of those living with Long COVID.

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Member Workshop Series: Transformative Mental Health

Learn more about the current challenges and opportunities in the mental health landscape.

Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Disability and Long COVID

Learn about the implications of Long COVID — both for those newly disabled by COVID-19, and those who already live with other disabilities.

Supporting Mental Health in Philanthropy

Insights on incorporating a mental health focus within both internal operations and grantmaking practices.

Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Health Equity and Disability

Click here for a transcript of this webinar. According to The Missing Billion, disabled people are three times as likely...

Eugenics and Disability

Many of the earliest philanthropists in the U.S. were significant ideological and financial supporters of the eugenics movement. According to...

Connections Between Gender, Sexuality, and Disability

One in five women ages 18 and older are disabled. The United Nations, through their work toward full gender equality,...

Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar Addresses the Need for Disabled Leadership in Research Funding Efforts

In this excerpt from the Disability & Philanthropy Forum’s webinar on health equity and disability, Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar speaks to...

Andrés Gallegos Addresses Ableism in the Medical Field

In this excerpt from the Disability & Philanthropy Forum’s webinar on health equity and disability, Andrés Gallegos speaks to the...

Connections Between Health Equity and Disability

When it comes to health care, significant disparities abound between people with disabilities and non-disabled people. From physical barriers and...