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Tune in to episode 9 of the Disability Inclusion: Required podcast.

Get to Know the Disability & Philanthropy Forum Team

In this episode of Disability Inclusion: Required, host Emily Ladau welcomes the Disability & Philanthropy Forum team! Hear what drew them to the Forum, what they’ve been working on, and what their calls-to-action are for the philanthropic sector. There are lots of insightful mic-drop moments that you won’t want to miss!

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Our podcast theme music is by Andre Louis and Precious Perez. Thank you to Recording Artists And Music Professionals With Disabilities (RAMPD) for connecting these talented disabled musicians with the Disability & Philanthropy Forum.

Featured Guests

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The Disability & Philanthropy Forum team smiling together in front of an Access Living sign. From left to right, the photo shows Sarah Napoli, a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair in a black top with brown pants; Emily Harris, a white woman with short dark curly hair wearing a red square patterned top and black pants; Gail Fuller, a Black woman with short dark hair wearing a dress with brightly colored word patterns; Emily Ladau, a white woman with brown curly hair in ponytail wearing a floral dress and sitting in a wheelchair; Noor Al-Ahmadi, a woman with white skin and brown hair framing her face in a polka dotted top; and Olivia Williams, a Black woman with low cut coily black hair in a black dress.
From left to right: Sarah Napoli, Emily Harris, Gail Fuller, Emily Ladau, Noor Al-Ahmadi, Olivia Williams.