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Guidance for Disability-Inclusive Grants Assessments

To better understand and learn from disability-inclusive grantmaking practices, foundations can use the following questions both for internal reflection and as a supplemental grantee reporting tool.

  1. What specific activities related to disability did you undertake within the grant period? What were the main lessons learned from these activities?
  2. How, if at all, did the commitment of your organization’s staff and leadership change over the course of the grant? Consider internal practices among staff and Board membership, as well as external processes such as events and outreach.
  3. Which disability organizations and/or disabled leaders did you partner with on the work? How might you continue these collaborations?
  4. Were there any specific lessons learned related to budgeting? If you explicitly budgeted for disability-related expenses, how did the budget
    estimates align with actual expenses?
  5. For grants that are ending, how do you see your work and/or organizational efforts on disability inclusion progressing going
    forward? What are your next steps?