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Leaders with disabilities gather at an ADA 25 Advancing Leadership event.

Intersections Between Racism and Ableism

This resource offers insights and resources to better understand the strong connections between racism and ableism.

For our work to be truly disability-inclusive, we must recognize and learn about the ways in which racism and ableism are deeply linked. As explained by Isabella Kres-Nash:

“Racism and ableism are often thought of as parallel systems of oppression that work separately to perpetuate social hierarchy. Not only does this way of looking at the world ignore the experiences of people of color with disabilities, but it also fails to examine how race is pathologized in order to create racism. Meaning that society treats people of color in specific ways to create barriers, and these poor conditions create disability. The concept of disability has been used to justify discrimination against other groups by attributing disability to them.”

To begin your learning, please watch our webinar on the connections between racial equity and disability and read this explainer, Race and Disability: A New Reckoning, which we partnered on with The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Then, we encourage you to explore the following articles and resources.

Reading on Racism and Ableism

Anti-Black Racism and Ableism

Anti-Asian Racism and Ableism

Financial Inequities

Educational Disparities

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