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Disability & Philanthropy Webinar Series: Disability and Representation in the Workplace

How can we prioritize recruiting disabled talent and ensure everyone has the tools they need to thrive?

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Moving Toward Equity: the Disability Inclusion Pledge

by Megan E. Doherty Although disability is a natural part of the human experience, our cultures and institutions—including philanthropy—have long...

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Guidance for Disability-Inclusive Grants Assessments

To better understand and learn from disability-inclusive grantmaking practices, foundations can use the following questions both for internal reflection and...

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Journey to Inclusion Series: Disability in the Workplace: Human Resources and Employee Participation

Click here for a transcript of this webinar. Data shows that people with disabilities typically have low rates of employment...

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Journey to Inclusion Series: Disability Participation: Demographic Tracking and Self-Identification

Click here for a transcript of this webinar. One in four American adults have some type of disability, but few...

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Increasing Disability Inclusion by Tracking Participation

Disability is part of human diversity, some of the infinite threads woven through the fabric of our world. Across the...

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The Importance of, and Strategies for, Encouraging Self-ID of Disability

by Kathy Martinez Recently, I was pleased to participate in a Disability and Philanthropy Forum webinar focused on demographic tracking...

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Moving the Needle on Employing People with Disabilities: What to Know About Collecting Disability Data

by Chai Feldblum People with disabilities are disproportionately unemployed and underemployed in this country. The unemployment rate in 2020 for...

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Preliminary Disability Inclusion Commitments

In 2020, the Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy committed to action and through a survey, examined its progress....

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